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Siam Country Club

It occupies an area of about 800 rai (about 32 acres) located on the east side of Sukhumvit Road, opposite Pattaya Beach, Chonburi. It is suitably and conveniently located in and surrounded by picturesque landscape Siam Country Club, 15-minute from Pattaya. It is found by Dr. Thaworn Phornprapha, and opened on 1 March 1971.

The golf course and clubhouse have been completely renovated and officially open again on 14 May 2007. The renovation of the golf course had kept the same layout but completely rebuilt the rest of the golf course from tee to green with a wall to wall cart path. The renovation works bring Siam Country Club to a truly international championship standard and one of the Thailand’s best golf courses. The clubhouse facilities have also received a completely face-lift to a new modern, relaxing atmosphere overlooking the 18th green. To commemorate this remarkable renovation, the name of Siam Country Club has now changed to Siam Country Club Pattaya Old Course.

The Course Layout

Hole 1

Par 5

506 Yards

The elevated tees provide breathtaking views of this magnificent starting hole. Bunkers on the right side of the first landing area must be avoided all costs from the tee. A small pot bunker fifty yards short of the green forces all players to make a decision on their desired approach to the elevated green. This is a relative easy starting hole with conservative play.

Hole 2

Par 4

373 Yards

Bunkers located both short and long of main landing area offer several options on playing this hole. The green is defended by only one small bunker on the right front, but the grass hollows surrounding the raised green will test the recovery shots of all players. Subtle undulations in the green also add to the challenge of playing this hole.

Hole 3

Par 4

381 Yards

Length on the tee shot is a prerequisite on this uphill hole. The landing area is very narrow with bunkers and mature trees lining both sides of the fairway. The green is very slender in shape with very treacherous pin positions throughout making a score of par well earned.

Hole 4

Par 3

171 Yards

Club selection will be very difficult with the downhill elevation change and the periodic strong breezes from the ocean affecting play. The large bunker on the left guards one side of the green with a small bunker and a tightly mowed bailout area to the right gathering in all errant shots to the right. The larger green will also provide many interesting putts to score par or better.

Hole 5

Par 4

Yards 402 Yards

Added length will be gained on the drive with the downhill elevation from the tee to the landing area. A delicate short iron shot will be needed to make the green in two and avoid the grass hollows and bunkers at the green surrounds. The back left pin position is by far the most demanding and will prove to be lest for amateur and professionals alike.

Hole 2

Par 4

387 Yards

The uphill elevation from tee to green will make this hole play twenty yards longer than the yardage shown on the scorecard. The main hazards are located around the green where bunkers protect three sides and a low cut collection area behind the lift greenside bunker. It will be very difficult to judge the correct distance from the landing area to the raised green with the noted elevation difference and the green being long and narrow. The accuracy of the approach shot to the green will often determine if a score of par or better can be earned.

Hole 7

Par 5

520 Yards

This short par five begins from the elevated tee and gradually bends from left to right as the hole plays downhill. Three majestic trees located in the fairway on the right must be avoided to have any chance of reaching the green in two. A large bunker one hundred yards from the green on the right defends the shortest route of play with the safer second shot being to the left and then having a short pitch to the tiered green.

Hole 8

Par 3

146 Yards

The beautiful lake on this long par three only adds to the intimidation factor and should not come into play. Two large bunkers are located to the right and back of the green with two smaller bunkers and a tightly mowed recovery area positioned to the left of the green. Being able to get up and down from the areas around the green will often determine the score on this exciting hole.

Hole 9

Par 4

391 Yards

The view from the tee is framed by the beautiful Buddha statue atop the hillside beyond the green. A sculptured bunker complex on the left of the fairway must be avoided at all costs to not be left with a long bunker shot to the green. The green has three distinct elevations with a large valley running through the middle of the green which will create many interesting putts to save par.

Hole 10

Par 5

520 Yards

The back nine begins from the elevated tee with the hole gradually turning to the right and descending over twenty meters downhill to the green. The second landing area is well protected with bunkers both right and left requiring all players to choose their desired route of play. The back right portion on the green is the most difficult being lower than the front of the green and being surrounded by tightly mowed areas off the green.

Hole 11

Par 4

372 Yards

The tee shot plays over a beautiful lake to a well bunkered landing area where there is very little room for error both left and right. The two small bunkers at the green guard both the front left pin position and the back tight creating exciting pin positions on the undulating putting surface. Both the tee shot and the second shot to the green must be well played for any chance of scoring pat or better.

Hole 12

Par 3

161 Yards

This mid length par three plays slightly uphill to green with the major hazard on the left front. The green is large, but there are many subtle contours within the green that will test the best players to attain par. Proper club selection and a well executed tee shot are imperative in laving a chance to score well on this hole.

Hole 13

Par 4

359 Yards

Bunkers protect the shortest route of play down the right side of this short par four. With the uphill elevation change from tee to green, caution should be taken in calculation the additional club needed for the extra length. The green will allow for many makeable putts to obtain par or birdie.

Hole 14

Par 4

418 Yards

Diagonal bunkers in the landing create varied options for the desired route of play from the tee. The downhill design of the hole will add extra length on all tee shot and will usually leave only a short iron to the green. The large bunger on the left appears to be close to the green, but is actually twenty yards off the green, avoid this bunker at all cost.

Hole 15

Par 4

316 Yards

A three wood or utility club may be the better play from the tee. A klong traverses at the main landing area forcing all players to make a decision whether to try and carry the hazard or play short and safe from the tee. A large specimen tree creates anther hazard to the right in the short landing area. The green is framed with majestic mature trees that add to the beauty of this challenging and exciting hole.

Hole 16

Par 3

186 Yards

The longest of par threes on the back nice will play very difficult from the back tees. The water near the tees does not come into play, but adds both beauty and serenity to his exciting hole. Golf playing from the low mowed areas around the green will have to be very resourceful and talented to play these most difficult recovery shots. Many tournaments will be won or lost on this great hole.

Hole 17

Par 4

396 Yards

Decisions will again have to be made by the golfer at the tee on their desired strategy in playing this hole. The klong crosses at the main landing area forcing most plays to play short of the hazard with this route of play. The green is angled right to left with the most difficult pin locations being in the back left of the green. Getting up and down from the bunkers around the green will test players of all skill levels.

Hole 18

Par 5

543 Yards

This short par five will play much longer with the elevation uphill from too to green. Bunkers located near the second landing area and around the green will add to the excitement and enjoyment in playing and watching tournaments finish on this hole. The green has a lot of elevation change in the putting surface and will require both experience and skill for proper execution.